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Travelling tips for our executive clients

We have a few of our Highly Sensitive Executives either in-flight or just returning from Conference Season in all parts of the globe.  It’s not uncommon these days to hop the globe, a continent, or many continents all in one go.  The time changes can be challenging to say the least.

We found this great ‘tips’ article in The Daily Telegraph’s Lifestyle section that may be just what these ‘doctors’ ordered as a good way to curb jetlag and still be sane at the end of your business obligations.

Enjoy and fly safe!

The Burnout Queens xx

READ THE ARTICLE HERE:  7 ways to outsmart jet lag.

Email skills up to snuff? Part 3

Here’s the third Email Mistake that makes all of us look unprofessional according to  It’s easy to do when you are bombarded by inbox overload or are squeezed for time. However, this mistake can make the best of us steam with irritation (at least it does me)

Slow response or no response at all.

The Inc article makes it clear that you should acknowledge receiving an email from someone, even if you quickly answer ‘got it’. I am so happy that this is what our VA does each time I send work from the UK to the US. One word from her that it landed in her inbox allows me to just move on knowing the work will be handled.  Bless her she’s a highly sensitive person as well, so she ‘gets’ the importance of replies.

However, (this is a big irritation to me and most HSP’s I know) if I send an email with substantial information, opinion or suggestions in it, if I send a client a personalised visualisation, if I email a colleague with a joint business idea…I want to hear that it was received!!!!!! (notice irritation growing.)

You can double my irritation (and confusion) if a colleague or client wants to book time with me, and I take quick action to reply and offer a time slot (time zones are a challenge when working globally) and then I wait for a no-or-slow response…!  Nothing irks me more than being asked for something, delivering, and then waiting for confirmation! I am left thinking several things.

  1. My email never arrived or is languishing somewhere in the Ethernet.
  2. The request for my time wasn’t that important in the first place (but I am keeping a timeslot open which means it’s still on my mind).
  3. The person is lazy or impolite because they aren’t checking their inbox…hello (either way I’m starting to steam)!
  4. They feel they are too busy and oops, ‘sorry it went to the bottom of my to-do list’.

Regardless of the WHY of no-or-slow replies to emails, the article (and I totally agree) suggests we filter and prioritise our emails and always send a quick reply regardless of restraints…(got it, got this, will reply tomorrow, I’ll get back to you on this asap).

I always use these suggestions and I always appreciate when others do the same. Don’t you?

(hello…are you there)


Hmm, note to self, better check this article reached everybody!

Love, The Burnout Queens xx

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Email skills up to snuff?

Email skills up to snuff? Part 2


Unplugging from social media and ‘going human’ for a day!

Can you?  Would you dare?  Is it possible for you to leave social media alone for one day and ‘go human’?

Did I just hear an almighty gasp!?!

Ask yourself this….  Will my social media ‘friends’ who I have never met (and probably never will) care if I have no post, tweet, pin or media footprint online for one day?

The Burnout Queens see people out and about having a good time, but instead of experiencing and focusing on the time they are having, they are focused on recording the moment to quickly upload to their thousands of friends.  What is going on?  Before digital and instant sharing, we just had fun and then ‘shared’ the memories with others after we returned home…not during!   No wonder we aren’t quiet, reflective and truly connected any longer.

Here’s the challenge.  Get out of your tech-mode and step into life-mode for one day.  Speak to people instead of tweeting with them.  Walk with friends and enjoy their company.  Call and chat instead of sending an email.  If you are on your own sit in a café and watch others.  It just might spark a spontaneous chat with a fellow human, rather than your android (it even sounds strange writing this).

See you in 24 hours…we’re unplugging and going human!

Love, The Burnout Queens xx

Prepping for vacation: The Burnout Queens style


Here we were rushing, working, preparing, writing, and recording our latest programme all before the lovely relations joined us for two weeks of hols in the hot english seaside.

We were working to a deadline but it was a mindset and an arbitrary date that, if kept, would see us exhausted and grumpy for the hols (I wish they weren’t coming so soon) instead of anticipating them with joy (can’t wait to see them again)!  So we decided it’s joy rather than exhaustion. 

How did we turn it around in our favour. You know the answer. We did it with Burnout Queen-style!

  • Listening to our own wisdom (walking the walk)
  • Being mindful of our bodies screaming ‘stop already’
  • Prioritising us over the work (front & centre)
  • Knowing when to say ‘no’ and let it go

That meant we stopped early and left the outstanding bits for our return. The old burnout personality would have thought ‘eeek not a wise decision, better get it finished because you may not be able to find that groove you were in’.   Well that groove was turning into a right old rut and we’ve learned that leaving it can be a far wiser choice.  We had written down where to begin again and what we wanted to say in an outline, so we were covered.  Done with the prep work, all we needed on  return were the sparkly touches.

We trusted how we were feeling and made decisions about our health before digging in and running ourselves into the ground.  We were not going to spoil this vacation. No way, no how. These Burnout Queens had palaces and castles to conquer and lots and lots of tea and cake to eat!

By golly that’s exactly what happened.  Palaces, teas and castles delighted all of us and on return to work, the new programme was sparkled up and launched!

Next time you have a deadline with something wonderful as it’s reward make sure you have the energy left to enjoy it fully.  Remember to prepare for your vacation in true Burnout-Queen-style.

The programme?  We’ve called it …


This video will give you the complete scoop.  Click here  Enjoy!

Love, The Burnout Queens xx


Seeking Beauty


“Oh I can’t afford beautiful things”…

How often I hear this from women who are in jobs they hate, barely making ends meet and thinking they won’t find beauty in their life until something changes.

Well, something can change and that something is how we seek beauty.

You don’t have to purchase anything to have beauty in your life.  Here’s one of the ways I seek beauty.

Stress instantly gets replaced by beauty when I walk into a beautiful florist shop.  Gorgeous flower displays in a shop window entice me in.  I just let the colours, smells and atmosphere start filling my brain with happiness.  It’s a beautiful thing.

As always, thank you Florian the Florist, Hove!  It’s always a delight to step inside your shop!

Love, The Burnout Queens xx



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