QUIET THE BUZZ OF EVERYDAY LIFE…creating calm for the Highly Sensitive Woman.

Highly Sensitive, feeling stressed, thoughts whirling, muscles tense, overwhelmed, rushed off your feet…sound familiar?

People always say to us “How do you make it all look so easy?”  Well, now you can share the secret of the creative calming techniques we use each and every day to stop the Buzz and create the Calm.

Designed by Highly Sensitive Women for Highly Sensitive Women

Quiet the Buzz is our unique online audio and video programme. These are proven techniques practiced in less than 10 minutes a day (and some in as little as 1-2 minutes).  You can practice them in your home, at work, waiting at school run, even in your latte line-up!  Quick, easy, highly effective and won’t burst your budget.

Quiet the Buzz of Everyday Life...creating calm for the Highly Sensitive Woman.

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