Quiet the Buzz of Everyday Life...creating calm for the Highly Sensitive Woman.


Highly Sensitive, feeling stressed, thoughts whirling, muscles tense, overwhelmed, rushed off your feet…!    Sound familiar?


You know you need to find time in your day for relaxation, mindfulness, maybe even some meditation, but…

It’s impossible with my schedule.

I can’t fit it in with the kids.

The classes don’t fit my work schedule and are so expensive.

I simply forget or am too tired to do it!


Your frustration ends now!


We designed the perfect programme for you.  In as little as 5 minutes, even a minute or 2, you can quiet your mind, relieve stress, relax your body and refresh your energy.


Designed by Highly Sensitive Women for Highly Sensitive Women


‘Quiet the Buzz’ will show you bite-size ways of creating, discovering, and enjoying a new sense of inner calm and quiet in an informal, everyday kind of way.


Take a few minutes and listen to the Burnout Queens talk about ‘Quiet The Buzz’! 

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Here’s what you receive with your purchase:

21 originally designed audios and videos covering physical relaxation, breath awareness, creative visualisation, and mindful awareness.  They are only 1 to10 minutes in length and are so easy and portable you can practice them anywhere!

@ work    @ school runs   @ latte lineups   @ home


29-page digital Guidebook of information, inspiration and instructions for the 21 audios and videos in the programme.  We’ve also included special bonuses:

9 Everyday Hints for Practicing Calm

10 Ordinary Ways to Mindful Awareness

7 ‘Oh So Simple’ Tension Relievers

7 Pre-designed plans to get you started


Your individual private access code for easy 24/7 access to all your materials.


A personal, virtual check-in from The Burnout Queens to encourage and motivate you to keep on creating calm.



People always say to us “How do you make it all look so easy?”  Well, in our exclusive programme for Highly Sensitive Women, you can now share the secret of the creative calming techniques we use each and every day! 


Creating Calm for the Highly Sensitive Woman

NOW FOR JUST  £27.99 (Approx. $35 USD)


Once you purchase ‘Quiet the Buzz’, you will receive your private access code and login instructions in your email inbox.

It’s simple, uncomplicated, and effective.

You will love it!


Love from us,




P.S.  We believe 100% in this programme . We have taught hundreds of women these techniques and practices and have heard how they have made a positive impact on their lives.  If used regularly some or all of these techniques will offer you beneficial results.  We want to make sure you understand before you purchase that there are no returns, no refunds, and no exceptions.