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Don’t Read This If You Are a Commitment-phobe! | Burnout Proof Your Life

Don’t Read This If You Are a Commitment-phobe!

It’s always good form to stop periodically and take stock of where I’m at, what needs doing, what needs to change and where I can just sit back and exhale.  So I’m harking back to a question I often ask myself at the beginning of the year,  “What am I committed to this year?” and forwarding my focus to the remainder of 2017.

What am I committed to for the rest of this year?

Now for me this question isn’t about the ‘doing’ end of things; not my ‘to do’ lists (which often languish) or juggling stuff (no fancy footwork here) no, it is all about the commitment side of things.  That means throwing myself heart and soul into whatever is on my viewmaster for the remaining 2.5 months of 2017 and this year, for me, that means renewing my commitment to living burnout-free.

Out of necessity it’s how I live, that is if I don’t want to dive head first into that burnout trap yet again.  It’s about being truthful with myself and owning that truth.  It’s about overcoming some sneaky form of fear that can undermine my commitment.  It’s about living enthusiastically, energetically, and ‘spirit-fully’.   

The Burnout Queens get asked pretty regularly how we make living burnout-free look easy.  Most people are surprised when we don’t rattle off a list of all the usual (but, yawn, hum drum) things like, say ‘No’, set goals, make a plan, don’t take on too much, and find balance!  Well, we practice what we preach and live to defy ordinary.

Burnout proofing your life has nothing to do with sorting the stuff in your life and everything to do with sorting out YOU!

Start by asking yourself these rather ‘pithy’ questions:

  • Are you happy?
  • Are you fulfilled?
  • Are you pursuing your dreams?
  • Do you have a dream?
  • Do you believe in yourself?
  • Do you live consciously?
  • Do you exist with confidence?
  • Does your life-work make your soul sing?

If you feel wishy-washy when it comes to saying ‘yes’, you may well have an open door policy to burnout.

Burnout proofing your life can mean the difference between success and…you know.

Most importantly it is very very doable and very very necessary if you don’t want to end up exhausted.  Burnout leaves you feeling like you are drowning under the sheer volume of obligations, responsibilities, choices, decisions, problems, worries, fears for the future, and even all the fun and entertaining stuff you try to cram in.  (Oh come on admit it, sometimes you make social plans and then end up moaning that you don’t have time or are just plain old too tired to be social).

Now just cause burnout proofing your life sounds so darn practical or, dare we say, dull (Never! The Burnout Queens don’t do dull!) it doesn’t mean it is.  In fact, we think it’s just the opposite: it’s creative, inspiring, fun, fulfilling, satisfying, and expanding.

It starts with a commitment deep within your soul.  How you live simply starts making sense.  You don’t have to ‘find balance’ your life naturally develops a rhythm, a harmony, an equilibrium.  You don’t have to worry about ‘finding your meaning and purpose’ (we heard that sigh of relief) your life will BE your purpose in small ways, big ways, inside and out.

So, that’s what I’m committing to for the rest of this year, being willing to defy ordinary and live another burnout free year.  That and having a bunch of adventures along the way.  Are you ready to come along?

Start living the life you have imagined.  One commitment is all it takes.

Email skills up to snuff? Part 3

Here’s the third Email Mistake that makes all of us look unprofessional according to  It’s easy to do when you are bombarded by inbox overload or are squeezed for time. However, this mistake can make the best of us steam with irritation (at least it does me)

Slow response or no response at all.

The Inc article makes it clear that you should acknowledge receiving an email from someone, even if you quickly answer ‘got it’. I am so happy that this is what our VA does each time I send work from the UK to the US. One word from her that it landed in her inbox allows me to just move on knowing the work will be handled.  Bless her she’s a highly sensitive person as well, so she ‘gets’ the importance of replies.

However, (this is a big irritation to me and most HSP’s I know) if I send an email with substantial information, opinion or suggestions in it, if I send a client a personalised visualisation, if I email a colleague with a joint business idea…I want to hear that it was received!!!!!! (notice irritation growing.)

You can double my irritation (and confusion) if a colleague or client wants to book time with me, and I take quick action to reply and offer a time slot (time zones are a challenge when working globally) and then I wait for a no-or-slow response…!  Nothing irks me more than being asked for something, delivering, and then waiting for confirmation! I am left thinking several things.

  1. My email never arrived or is languishing somewhere in the Ethernet.
  2. The request for my time wasn’t that important in the first place (but I am keeping a timeslot open which means it’s still on my mind).
  3. The person is lazy or impolite because they aren’t checking their inbox…hello (either way I’m starting to steam)!
  4. They feel they are too busy and oops, ‘sorry it went to the bottom of my to-do list’.

Regardless of the WHY of no-or-slow replies to emails, the article (and I totally agree) suggests we filter and prioritise our emails and always send a quick reply regardless of restraints…(got it, got this, will reply tomorrow, I’ll get back to you on this asap).

I always use these suggestions and I always appreciate when others do the same. Don’t you?

(hello…are you there)


Hmm, note to self, better check this article reached everybody!

Love, The Burnout Queens xx

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Living Balance

Living Balance

The Burnout Queens Wisdom: Living balance is never static, it shifts its shape and weight; stretches and shrinks, rises to the top only to sink to the bottom; it’s all over the place!

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