About Dr Toby and Dr Bev

Dr. Toby Silverton and Dr. Bev McLagan have been psychotherapists, coaches, and educators for over 3 decades. They have dedicated their careers to inspiring women to become the powerful, wise, and healthy women they were born to be.

The funny thing is, along the way they inadvertently became The Burnout Queens!

Here’s their story…

“We were busy professionals, busy women, OK very busy, living overwhelming, pressured, over-stressed, highly achieving, and successful lives. We juggled a thriving private practice, the business end of business, teaching, hospital schedules, running a non-profit organisation, graduate school, writing books and articles, caring for aging parents and sick elderly pets, family life, and, as women tend to do, anything else we could squeeze into the mix.

We thought we would never burnout. Boy were we wrong! We were chalking up burnout points with every “YES” we said as we tried to do and be our very best. Long hours, too many responsibilities, family crises and losses, illnesses and deaths, and a major car accident finally took its toll. We were injured, exhausted, stressed and less than enthusiastic about our dreams, but determined to keep pushing. We had fallen into the burnout trap!

After 2 full decades of overwhelming stress, mishaps, and crises something had to change! It was definitely time to re-group! We started taking care of ourselves, prioritising different parts of our lives, letting go of what was not working, making new choices, simplifying life, and embracing the change that was so desperately needed. Reviving ourselves from burnout renewed our energy, optimism, and purpose. We were once again ready to embrace life.

New Year’s Day 2006 we were on a well-deserved holiday in Hawaii when we made the bold (some would say crazy!) decision to make a life-long dream come true. We decided to move half way around the world. So in 2009 we packed up and moved, business and all, from Vancouver, Canada to London, England. Our wonderful, brilliant clients, our tribe of ‘burnout queens’ inspired by our enthusiasm, bravery, and willingness to reach for our dream ‘moved virtually’ right along with us. Now we get to live in the city of our dreams and work with women around the world!

Although at the time being burned out was an awful and horrible way to live, it turned out to be an absolute gift, an opportunity to completely rethink how we were living, what we were giving our energy too, what we believed in, and to redesign life so we would never, ever burnout again.

Now it’s your turn to embrace life! We want you to have the same energy and enthusiasm to re-imagine how you want life to be for you!


The Burnout Queens

Dr. Toby & Dr. Bev developed a simple and fail-proof way to go from flat on your face to back on your feet. They teach and inspire women from the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S. They love to share their expertise and experiences to help other women learn from what they’ve been through. In their classes, programmes, webinars, and writings they keep it simple, practical, inspirational, and humourous. Easy to live solutions that seamlessly fit into your daily life.

Come join the realm…your life will thank you!