Sometimes you are just too busy, tired and don’t have the energy to read through a whole self-help book, let alone find the right one for you along shelf after shelf of tempting titles.  We get it!

Our Essentials Series are condensed, in-depth masterclasses that highlight important women’s topics. We have made it completely easy for you to get all the basic answers, as well as some pretty interesting perspectives about burnout, stress, and how it could be affecting your life.

If you are a Highly Sensitive Woman (HSP) you will love these essential masterclasses. We design and write all of our masterclasses with your unique characteristics in mind.

The Essentials consist of short videos in bite-size pieces so you can easily fit them in around your timetable.  Along with private access to your Masterclass, you also receive a Discovery Guide full of exercises, tips and strategies.

We believe knowledge IS power.  And this is where you want to start.  Now all you have to do is choose your masterclass, pause for a few moments in your busy life, listen in and start your journey to a burnout-free lifestyle.

Love, Dr Toby & Dr Bev xx


Our current masterclasses are listed below.  To get a detailed description, click on the ‘Learn More’ button.