Do you have the makings of a Burnout Queen? (We mean that in the strongest, nicest, and boldest way!)  

Well, did you know that your Mum had a hand in raising and training you to burn out.  As you can imagine, this is not one of our more popular messages (lol), but it is so very true!   You have to know this vital piece of the burnout puzzle if you want to get over burnout or avoid burnout, and especially if you are planning on living a lifestyle free from being over- exhausted, over-stretched, overwhelmed and frustrated with it all.

Darling, when that penny drops, you will quickly start undoing some of the subtle but powerful burnout messages you received (maybe still do).  Once you understand what you were taught, how you copied Mum’s lead, and how you were encouraged to lean in the direction of burnout, well lovies the pieces will fall into place and your life will start changing for the better, forever.  Yes forever!

You know, you learned these burnout patterns and that means…you can definitely unlearn them!   But first you have to know what they are, where they hide, and how they impact every area of your life personally and professionally.


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We are going to connect those dots for you!


With this Masterclass you will receive:

Four downloadable audio recordings (MP4s) to ensure you get off to the right start building a solid foundation from which you can put burnout in its proper place…that would be not in YOUR LIFE!

We have kept these videos short so you can easily fit listening to them into your busy schedule.  They are accompanied with Power Point presentations full of compelling information.  Of course, they are all delivered in the unique and quirky Burnout Queens’ style!


And, there are more learning tools for you!  You’ll also receive:

A printable PDF of the Power Point presentations to inspire and encourage you forward.  You can follow along and make note of your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

The Raised & Trained Discovery Guide – A 21-page workbook specifically designed for you that includes powerful and in-depth exercises.  These will help you uncover thosePink and Perfect’ messages that keep you living on the edge of burnout.


If you are even wondering if you are burning out, then we know that you have been Raised & Trained to be Pink and Perfect’!  You owe it to yourself to understand how, when, and where these subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) messages got through!  This Essential class clearly sets it out.

This Essential BOQ masterclass is like a little black dress…you have to have it so you can build on it!

Knowing how you were Raised and Trained to Burnout will open your eyes!

We believe from the bottom of our hearts that knowledge is power.  Unless you understand what keeps feeding your burnout lifestyle you will keep on repeating the pattern over and over again.  We want more for you!  We want you to have the energy and the enthusiasm to pursue your dreams and your future, just the way you want to!  So kick off your heels, put your tired feet up and get started!

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What’s the cost?

Only £19.99 (approx $30USD)


Have YOU Been Raised & Trained to Burn Out?

Time to find out now!

Take that first bold step towards becoming a Burnout Queen… strong, resilient, enthusiastic, and powerful.


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£19.99 (approx $30USD)

‘Have You Been Raised & Trained to Burn Out?’ is a digital product. After you complete your payment, you will receive an email with immediate access to the masterclass content.


P.S.  Because we believe 100% in this class and it’s message, and we have taught hundreds of women these secrets and they tell us how it makes a positive impact on their lives, we would like to make sure you understand before you purchase that there are no returns, no refunds, and no exceptions.