Travelling tips for our executive clients

We have a few of our Highly Sensitive Executives either in-flight or just returning from Conference Season in all parts of the globe.  It’s not uncommon these days to hop the globe, a continent, or many continents all in one go.  The time changes can be challenging to say the least.

We found this great ‘tips’ article in The Daily Telegraph’s Lifestyle section that may be just what these ‘doctors’ ordered as a good way to curb jetlag and still be sane at the end of your business obligations.

Enjoy and fly safe!

The Burnout Queens xx

READ THE ARTICLE HERE:  7 ways to outsmart jet lag.

Do You Have a Vision of Your Life?

“Without a life vision, you are adrift at sea, shifting directions as the weather changes, and hoping and wishing you will land somewhere tropical with drinks sporting little umbrellas!”

If this sounds like you, you need to read our Feature Article of March 11 (Seeking the Big Picture | Life Vision Means Living Burnout Free )  We’ll help you take the exhaustion and guesswork out of trying to cultivate a life vision all on your own.

We have Four Ideas about Life Visioning to help you stay motivated instead of overwhelmed.  Consider them as you approach the process of defining your Life Vision.

And word to the wise:  Don’t make this difficult!  Just start wondering and thinking for now.

Idea: You need an idea of your destination. You do not have to know the actual end point. You do not need to know all the stops along the way in order to move forward. You need the dream, you need the will, and you need faith.

Idea: The life vision you have can, and probably will, change with your life stages. What you dreamt about having or achieving in your life from the vantage point of your early 20s may be very different than the life vision you have from the viewpoint of your 40s. Neither were off track.

Of course, we have two other ideas for your life vision that may help keep you on track with dreaming about what you want for your life.  They are in our Part 2 post tomorrow.

With Love,  The Burnout Queens xx

Unplugging from social media and ‘going human’ for a day!

Can you?  Would you dare?  Is it possible for you to leave social media alone for one day and ‘go human’?

Did I just hear an almighty gasp!?!

Ask yourself this….  Will my social media ‘friends’ who I have never met (and probably never will) care if I have no post, tweet, pin or media footprint online for one day?

The Burnout Queens see people out and about having a good time, but instead of experiencing and focusing on the time they are having, they are focused on recording the moment to quickly upload to their thousands of friends.  What is going on?  Before digital and instant sharing, we just had fun and then ‘shared’ the memories with others after we returned home…not during!   No wonder we aren’t quiet, reflective and truly connected any longer.

Here’s the challenge.  Get out of your tech-mode and step into life-mode for one day.  Speak to people instead of tweeting with them.  Walk with friends and enjoy their company.  Call and chat instead of sending an email.  If you are on your own sit in a café and watch others.  It just might spark a spontaneous chat with a fellow human, rather than your android (it even sounds strange writing this).

See you in 24 hours…we’re unplugging and going human!

Love, The Burnout Queens xx

4 Thoughts That Signal It’s Time to Change

Your Revolving Door Style | How to become a Diva of change

How do you know when it is time to embrace change?

    • When life smacks you upside the head and you get jolted out of complacency…it might be time.
    • If you find yourself fantasizing about “how life would be” if, or you are envious of other peoples’ adventures…it might be time.
    • If you get up in the morning with a sinking feeling about work, a relationship, or your major at school…it might be time.
    •  If you feel a desire bursting inside you that you have ignored for years…it might be just the time.

If you still need clarification about when and how to change, read our last Feature Article about Becoming the Diva of Change.


Ex-client dropped me a line

I love opening my inbox to pleasant surprises.

Periodically and unexpectantly I hear from past clients out of the blue.  It always starts with “I don’t know if you remember me, but I wanted to let you know” .  The truth is, I remember all of them!


In my work as a therapist and coach I often witness the planting of new seeds, new ideas, new dreams in women who want to cultivate a good life for themselves.  It’s a privilege and responsibility to help them design and create their lives.

Sometimes I am not present for the full blossoming of  such a new and inspiring spirit.  I wonder whatever happened to so-and-so.  Where did she end up.  I hope she is living happily.   And then I wake to this kind of email.  I smile and cry as I read this from a young 20 something who is now 40 something as she shares the blossoming and depth of her life.

I have always made one request of my women clients…never settle, be happy and inspire another woman’s life when you can.  

So get ready, really ready to be inspired!

“This message is for Bev. I wonder if you remember me? You have helped many people through the years, and I was one of them twenty years ago. My name is Deirdre M. I just wanted to tell you that your influence in my life has changed – and continues to inform – me in many ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Guess where I am right now? I am at the eating disorder clinic in Castlegar, BC, waiting to see a client. How I remember when I was sitting where she sits today. I received my masters in counselling this past year, and work for Interior Health in the Kootenays. I am raising a daughter who is almost 16. I have a wonderful life, and you had so much to do with that! My best friend is still Maria, whom you also counselled. She lives in New York, and we meet up at least twice a year and go travelling.

I’m sure you hear stories of gratitude often enough, but maybe one cannot hear that often enough. I am inspired by the life you two seem to be living – congratulations! I also want to get a PhD, but that will wait a few years.

Thanks again – I hope you are having a wonderful fall!

Much love,   Deirdre”

Thanks Deirdre for allowing me to share this and to inspire other women to move forward in their lives with a sense of not knowing, but becoming who they are meant to be!

Love, Dr B (The Burnout Queens)


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