Are you good at acknowledging your accomplishments?  How about your strengths and gifts?  No?  Well, it’s time to get BOLD BOLD BOLD and honest about how great you are!  (Felt you cringe.)  You know, many of us were raised and trained to be modest; no bragging or being conceited allowed.   Not even in school where you are supposed to develop your gifts were you allowed to shout out the answer when you knew or rush to be first in line.

So guess that when it comes to being an adult it stands to reason that you are simply not comfortable blowing your own horn or proclaiming your own praises.  You have to ask,“Where does that get you?” Answer:  Absolutely nowhere.  Yes, it’s definitely time for a change.

It just doesn’t pay to be shy, and we mean that quite literally.  You are not going to get the promotions or the pay rises if you can’t talk-up or shout-out your accomplishments, achievements, abilities, capabilities, strengths, and greatness.  And we know, my dear, that you have all of those in abundance!  Taking centre stage may not be the most comfortable thing you do, but…well…get over it.

You are a Burnout Queen and it is time to own your throne!

(mind chatter: what if the other kids won’t like me? I’ll be left sitting all alone at recess…I meant coffee break…really I meant coffee break!) 

It’s a dilemma.  We want others to see us for who we are.  We want to be acknowledged for our hard work, our good results, our leadership, our great people skills, but we are also people pleasers and want others to ‘like’ us.

If we can’t stand up and proclaim loudly, boldly, confidently, how absolutely fabulous we are why do we expect others to notice or care?

Just the other day one of my fab VIP clients said she was ecstatic that she had finally learned to “shamelessly promote herself”.  (Those words are music to my ears!)  And the outcome?  One word… promotion!  Our message is getting out there.  Another Exec client ‘bragged’ to me that she had told her boss that “she was the expert” in her area!  You bet she is, time he knew it and valued it as well!

So, what has this got to do with burnout?  Easy peasy.

Burnout is hiding just around the corner if you continue pretending you are less than you are!

It’s all about your beliefs and your attitude.  AND, it’s about what you do.  Time to set yourself a goal to step over all the obstacles in your path that stop you from sharing your fabulous self with the world.  Go ahead and make a list of your strengths, talents, successes, and accomplishments.  Pop it right into your queenly handbag, backpack, diaper bag, or briefcase.  Next time you are on the verge of being modest, get your crown on straight, read your list, and step up to take your place!

You have some pretty amazing qualities.  You are great at what you do.  You have fabulous, outside of the box, ideas.  You are not afraid of hard work.  We know it, you know it.  Now let the rest of the world know it!  Time to talk it up and shout it out!