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We are absolutely delighted that you have arrived!  Have you heard ‘TOO’ words all your life?  You know…

 too emotional ~ too shy ~ too intense ~ too serious ~ too moody ~

too artsy ~ too idealistic ~ too neurotic

you think too much ~ you worry too much ~ you take things too

personally ~ you analyse too much ~ you are too overwhelming


You are Just Too Sensitive!


Well, don’t you believe it!  Here at The Burnout Queens we celebrate being Highly Sensitive!  We know being an HSP means you are…

strong ~ powerful ~ bold ~ creative ~ talented ~ thinking ~

intuitive ~ adorably quirky ~ compassionate ~ soulful ~ intelligent



The Burnout Queens ‘get you’!  We are creative, professional, and Highly Sensitive as well!  We know what it means to be HSPs from the inside and out.

You will love it here at The Burnout Queens, especially when you join our free members clubyou will join won’t you?  We promise, no silly hats or handshakes, just a great place to explore, discover, share, support, and learn.

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Being an HSP is simply a difference, a variation on the ‘normal’ theme.  It is not a diagnosis and it absolutely does not mean there is anything wrong, weird, or ‘crazy’ about you.  You were born being highly sensitive and it’s likely that you inherited bits and pieces of your HSP self including having a finely-tuned nervous system.  HSPs make up 15-20% of the population, both females and males.

Now being Highly Sensitive encompasses many things like your tendency or ability to pick-up a myriad of information and detail from your environment.  Then there are other HSP qualities that you experience but can’t always explain, such as your creativity, intuition, and imagination.  It is not unusual for you to pick- up energy and subtle nuances from people, and from the world around you, that others don’t seem to notice.

You approach most everything in your world with a level of intensity akin to having the volume on high, from your thoughts and feelings to your powerful imagination.  Your heightened awareness and intensity is as multi-layered as the strings of a harp.



As an HSP there are definitely times when the world feels challenging or exhausting.  Your exquisite awareness and intensity means you often experience a level of intense stimulation and over-arousal that others do not.  This can leave you uncomfortable, jangled, anxious, over-stimulated, sad, overwhelmed, or even suffering from burnout.

Being Highly Sensitive also means that you may experience heightened sensitivity to noise, lights, scents or odours, crowds, movement, pain, illness, medications, foods, time pressures, bad news, media violence, and even news about world events.  Physically your sensitivity can lead to a strong startle response, sleep disruption, increased muscle tension, and other varied physical symptoms associated with stress and burnout.

As an HSP you spend a lot of time ‘in your head’!  After all you are completely at home there.  You love reflecting, analysing, thinking, creating, and daydreaming about everything and anything. You’re intensity means you are deeply in touch with your feelings, thoughts, and inner experiences, as well as having a vast range of emotional expression.

Such emotional awareness and sensitivity leads to a great appreciation of life, however, it can also mean that things don’t roll off your back quite so easily!  We’re not suggesting that you can’t cope or that you are ‘anti-social’ when it comes to the social side of life, but from time to time you may need to take extra care to renew your energy, refind your equilibrium, and restore your sense of inner peace and tranquility.

Highly Sensitive women have many varied talents, interests, and abilities.  Obviously that’s a great thing, but at times problematic because having so many interests and abilities can translate into difficulty pinning down your life work.   You may find yourself bouncing from job to job, interest to interest, never really gaining the level of joy, satisfaction, or mastery that you are looking for.  Ultimately you can end up feeling discouraged or disconnected from your career path, or even suffering from burnout.

HSPs live their lives from a place of integrity, ethics, values, principles, and passion.   A truly wonderful way to live!   If there is any downside, it is just that the rest of the world doesn’t always share this enlightened way of living.  At times, this can be disheartening and disappointing.


The Burnout Queens have coached, counselled, mentored, and taught Highly Sensitive women for many many years, decades in fact!   So we know that HSPs are intellectually and creatively gifted and multi-talented women with deep insight, intense curiosity, wisdom, joy, compassion, and caring.  We know these spirited and wise women have strong imaginations, phenomenal intuition, and intense emotional awareness.  Oh, and did we mention they have a divine sense of humour that is as quirky as their worldview!   The HSPs we have worked with over the years are almost always creative, whether their creativity is expressed artistically, in business, or in raising children.

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Self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-approval is where it can all go very very right or very very wrong!  So for the Highly Sensitive, self-identity is everything, or as we think of it, ‘the jewel in the crown’.

Who am I? ~ What do I want? ~ Where am I going? ~ What do I value?
~ What do I believe in? ~ What is my ‘life work’?

The answers to these questions form the core of how we ‘are’ in the world, how we address the pressures,challenges, and demands of life, and how we embrace the beauty, fulfillment, oportunities, and possibilities that await us.

There is nothing an HSP loathes more than feeling misunderstood or being misjudged.  We want you to reconnect with the truth of who you are.  When you do you will feel whole, confident, and full of energy and enthusiasm.  Gone are the days of needing to prove or justify yourself.  You will finally be free to be yourself, your truly powerful, dynamic, and unique HSP self.  (Oops, we forgot quirky and creative!)

Now, you just don’t figure out the ‘Who am I?’ life question once and that’s that.  You don’t just get to 20 years of age or even 30 and think, “That’s me done!”  No, at every stage of your life, with each new decade, you need to update what you know; brand new questions, brand new answers.  You want to keep exploring, rediscovering and recreating your knowledge and understanding of yourself.  If you want to stay inspired you need to stay fresh.  That is what HSPs do so well.

The Burnout Queens believe that you already know who you are at a deep deep level.  So we offer creative, inspiring, and profound ways to encourage you to remember, uncover, reconnect, understand, and embrace all that you are.  We know that when you connect with yourself in this powerful and soulful way you will be successful in your life no matter where you go and what you choose to create.

That’s what the Burnout Queens are all about!  You being successful in your life on your terms.  Are you ready and willing to be braver, bolder and bigger than you ever thought possible?  Yes?

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The Burnout Queens have a specialty with Highly Sensitive Women.  Why?  Well hold onto your crowns!  When you read this it will make perfect sense.

We need to get personal here, you see you have the perfect combination of factors that can create burnout.  In fact, HSPs are exquisitely designed to burnout. 

First, there is your sensitivity to almost everything from your physical environment to your inner world.  Then there is everything interpersonal, like how you are so tuned into people.  Let’s not forget your amazing awareness and intensity.  Now, add your intuition, insight, creativity, and intellectual giftedness and you have the recipe for keeping your psyche, mind, and body in a heightened state of alertness and readiness (sometimes it doesn’t know for what, but it is ready!) 

Here’s another thing.  You may not have been aware of this but there is a good chance that you have a burnout personality.  The Burnout Queens call it your BOP Factor and it overlaps with being Highly Sensitive.  We know you will recognise such BOP factors as perfectionism, idealism, and extremely high standards and expectations.  These are but a few and can put you at particular risk of burning out.

Many HSP women come to us unhappy, totally uninspired and disillusioned with their work.  They are often exhausted, sad, stressed, even believing they were having ‘nervous breakdowns’ from once again being in a job that left them feeling discouraged, bored, unappreciated, and asking, “What’s wrong with me?”  Many have spent years ‘bouncing’ from one job to another every 2 to 3 years, always hopeful that the ‘new’ job will finally bring the joy or sense of purpose and accomplishment that they are desperately seeking.  What they find instead is burnout!

Burnout means feeling exhausted, sick, lost, depleted, stressed, and hopeless.  It robs you of the energy, enthusiasm, and passion you need to live your life fully and successfully.  Burnout begins gradually in one area of your life, but over time burnout spreads throughout all of your life from work to your relationships.

Once you understand and accept your highly sensitive nature you will see yourself in a whole new way. You will make new decisions and different choices, learn new proactive skills, and begin living like the powerful HSP we know you can be!  When you learn the art of being a Burnout Queen, with your own unique and highly sensitive style, burnout begins to evaporate.   Yes, it really is that simple.

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The Burnout Queens believe in ‘Enlightened Balance’, a state of consciousness, a way of being in the world, and ultimately a way of doing things. 

We know that Enlightened Balance is the antidote to burnout!  Our way of looking at balance encourages you to place your happiness and your health front and centre in your life while embracing your uniquely sensitive personality. Enlightened Balance is all about inner balance, harmony, congruence and peace.  That’s why we call it ‘enlightened’!  That’s why living in it is bliss!

The Burnout Queens do not believe anyone can achieve perfect balance!  It doesn’t exist so you are off the hook!  No more trying to juggle the ‘stuff’ of life as you attempt to make your life fit into that ‘perfect pie’ of work/life balance.  Most of us simply feel like we have failed before we have even started!  And anyway, HSPs seriously don’t understand this distinction between work and life!  When we find our life work, we are one with our world.

Enlightened Balance begins with understanding who you are, what you want, and what you need.  It relies on your deep commitment to your values, beliefs, principles, and priorities.  Enlightened Balance ensures you to live with:

Enlightened Balance is your willingness to accept and live life with all it’s challenges, imperfections, successes, opportunities, and dreams.  

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You know what…The Burnout Queens just happen to believe that HSPs, the Highly Sensitive, are uniquely designed to enjoy Bliss!

So first of all, what is Bliss?  Well, to us Bliss means living in a way that brings peace and happiness both inside yourself and in your world.  Bliss is a ‘state of being’ from which you experience the full potential of the talents, strengths, and gifts that flow from your highly sensitive, dynamic, and creative nature.

From all of our work we have certainly come to believe that the majority of HSPs are multi-talented, gifted, and high-achieving.  Now most of you have probably heard the term ‘Peak Performance’, but the image it usually conjures up is of super-athletes, mega-performers or corporate giants not sensitive, caring, and creative beings!   Well, when we connected the dots, what we saw was that HSPs have much in common with these super-performers.  Really! Truly!

Oh we can sense your skepticism, but look at this list of qualities that ‘peak performers’ are known to have and tell us that Blissful HSPs don’t share them!


Come on admit it, sounds like someone you know doesn’t it?  As we like to say…HSPs Are No Shrinking Violets!  You and peak performers…who would have thought it!   Don’t underestimate your potential to tap into your energy, drive, motivation, commitment, dedication, and direction.

You may not immediately ‘see’ that you share these qualities, but they are well within your reach!  Living your full potential, just like peak performers do, means discovering and challenging yourself with new interests, directions, and activities while respecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeingWe know as an HSP that this is how you like to live.  Come to think of it, you were designed to live this way! 

You were designed to live from a place of energy, passion, soulfulness, and dreams.  Now that’s being a Blissful HSP!


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