Hello from London & Lewes

“To market, to market, to buy a…home again, home again…”

Happy September everyone!  Do you recognise this nursery rhyme?  The Burnout Queens certainly do (but maybe it’s only from a certain era).

To market, to market shopping is part of that designed lifestyle we’ve been talking about lately.   It encompasses all the choices we make about ‘self-care’ (don’t sneer at self-care, it’s ultimately what gives you the umph to your day).  We placed specific criteria on our self-care; exercise, health, nutrition and joy.  The reward for our forward thinking and planning was being able to put ALL of this into play in our current town.  In fact, it’s even more than we designed.

How…well come to market with us…

‘To market’ means walking there and back, not driving (okay when it’s really awful weather it’s ordered online but rare). It’s so exciting to walk through the 11th C castle keep to the High Street (bonus walking on cobble stones enhances balance and focus to avoid breaking ankles) and down a narrow lane to peak in cute little cottages (guilty of peaking and proud of it).

The market is always buzzing with people, food and flowers.

And then there’s that moment of utter surprise and delight that we just don’t experience on a market shop!

Home again…home again…jiggity jig…

When we’re done, it’s off home, climbing and puffing uphill, but not before running into entertainers heading for the market to spread some extra joy.

Oh and sometimes ‘to market’ doesn’t always go to plan and we get soaked with rain instead of sunshine.  Poor Dr T (shoulda left the sunglasses and packed the umbrella instead)….run darling!  We laughed ourselves silly and sloshed all the way home.  Once the walk, the shop, the tea (which we didn’t include), the entertainment and the hike were done…what’s left are the spoils for the week!  Fresh, nutritious and downright colourful.

Who knew the weekly shop could be so healthy for you.  Self-care on steroids with a gentle creative twist.   We encourage you to enjoy your own brand of self-care.

Until next month,

Embrace Life!

The Burnout Queens | Dr Toby and Dr Bev