About Our Burnout Queens

So who makes up our tribe of Burnout Queens?

They are an interesting and varied lot! Many are creative professionals; musicians, singers, artists, writers, poets, actors, screenwriters, jewellery designers, chefs, bakers, interior designers, event planners, fashion designers, theatre company managers and film production personnel. They are in business, education and health care. They are teachers, lawyers, health executives, social workers, pilots, financial advisors, academics, and business owners. Many work for themselves, or long to. They are entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, and mum-preneurs!

Our Burnout Queens are strong, fabulous, creative, sensitive, and smart women. They come from big cities and small towns around the globe.

What they share is a personality that makes them prone to burnout. They are busy being their best! They are personal strivers, responsible, dependable, conscientious, perfectionistic, reliable, and, wow, they have drive and stick-to-it-ness. Throw in being creative, perceptive, sensitive, and intuitive, all it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and you either have a recipe for burnout or the secret formula for high potential living.

We love our Burnout Queens. They dream big dreams; they dream of changing the world. They are inspiring and exciting.

We want you to value, accept, and learn to love the power and strength that comes from being a Burnout Queen! We want you to do your own thing, live your dreams your way because that will enrich the world for all of us and generations to come.

Come join the realm!


The Burnout Queens